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Shisha, Hookahs & Customizable Hookah Accessories in Calgary


The act of smoking a tobacco product through a pipe, called a hookah, is termed as shisha. Hookahs and shishas breathe life into parties and are mostly used for recreational purposes by young adults. Genie Smoke Shop has a fresh collection of shishas and hookahs in Calgary that will stand out at all social gatherings.


We offer customizable accessories with hookahs so that it perfectly suits your taste. Our hookahs are of premium quality, aesthetic and made with the best materials. Convey to us the specific design and colour that you need for your hookah as well as its accessories, and we will get them for you. We put customer satisfaction above everything else so you can rely on our products and services. Call us to know more about what we have in stock.



Usually, a hookah is used for smoking moist tobacco or shisha. Some of our products include mouth tips, hookah hoses, disposable hoses, hookah bowls, various size cleaning brushes and hookah plates. Our supplies are of the highest quality, and our loyal customers continue to return for more. Give us a call if you have any questions or complaints about our hookah items and accessories.



Shisha is the element that comprises tobacco and can come in several varieties. Shisha also includes nicotine in typical situations, so you need to be of the minimum legal age in order to use it. Smoking shisha refers to the process of heating up coal or charcoal to light the shisha. Most users prefer smoking flavoured shisha, in which the flavour infuses with the smoke.

Other Products


Hookahs usually require a number of complementary accessories. For this reason, we also offer coals, hookah tubes and other cleaning products. Our coals are long-lasting and will ensure you have a pleasurable shisha session. The hookah tubes we offer are durable, and our cleaning products belong to the best brands.

Our Brands


We have the following brands for hookahs:


Creative Hookah Accessories

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