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Bongs, Bong Accessories and Durable Pipes in Calgary Downtown


Genie Smoke Shop is your reliable Canadian distributor of premium pipes and bongs in Calgary Downtown. We offer a plethora of bongs of all colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer glass, acrylic, silicone or metal bongs, we offer them all. Furthermore, we also offer bong attachments.


Since enthusiasts know that pipes are cheaper and more portable when compared to bongs, Genie Smoke Shop offers an excellent collection of pipes that will please you. You can discover all kinds of wood, glass, silicone, stone, metal, acrylic and ceramic pipes. 



Bongs are generally used to smoke cannabis. Our affordable bongs are a hot favourite among smokers all over Calgary Downtown. Whether you’re into artistic glass bongs or regular acrylic bongs, our collection will not disappoint you. Moreover, if you’re unsure regarding the kind of bong that you should purchase, ask the expert at Genie Smoke Shop, and we will give you ideal suggestions according to your needs.


Not only do we supply bongs but also bong attachments, ash catchers, bowls, stems, and bong water.



Being the most traditional form of smoking tobacco, pipe smoking is highly sought after by smokers. Due to the rising popularity of pipes, thanks to their portability and minimalistic design, Genie Smoke Shop has a featured collection of both vintage and modern pipes. Choose from a range of wood, glass, silicone, stone, metal and acrylic pipes.

Other Offerings


We also provide one-hitters, bowls, screens and other cleaning supplies. One-hitters help you smoke cannabis discreetly in public, while bowls are a crucial addition to your water pipe. Screens, especially the ones made of glass, make smoking more convenient by preventing the ash residue from coming to your mouth. Cleaning supplies are required to keep your glass pieces sanitary and shining.


Whatever your need, our quality products made by top manufacturers will always give you value for your money. To know more about our collection of bongs and pipes, call us today.

Our Brands


We offer products from the following brands:




And more!


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