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Know About Genie Smoke Shop


Genie Smoke Shop is a locally owned and operated head shop in Calgary Downtown. The owner, Albert, is married and is a father to two young daughters - Natalie and Dorit who are 16 and 20 years of age, respectively. Albert and his wife, Michelle, love to travel in and around Canada and explore what the country has to offer. Their love for all things local reflects in their hobby of shopping locally in the markets and shops of Calgary Downtown. Their affinity towards the locals also supports their vision of offering complete customer satisfaction to the people of Calgary and making sure that they only offer the best of products and services. We have established a vast clientele base, thanks to our ability to offer the lowest prices for high-quality smoke accessories. Contact us for top-grade smoking products today.

Looking for Inexpensive Smoking Gear?

We have tobacco products, bongs and cigars that you will love.

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