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Smoking Accessories, Rolling Papers and Drug Testing Kits in Calgary


At Genie Smoke Shop, we offer a complete range of smoking accessories that will take your smoking experience to the next level and make it more pleasurable. Our most popular accessories include ashtrays, stylish lighters and incense holders, to name a few. Along with this, we offer high-quality rolling papers and affordable Check Rite drug testing kits in Calgary. The Check Rite drug tests are available in displays as well as single packages.

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Genie Smoke Shop has grinders, cleaning supplies, scales (both double- and triple-digit), Zippo lighters, Zippo fluid, lighters, flags, butane and baggies. All our products are of premium quality and are high in demand. Call us beforehand to know if your favourite products are in stock.

Rolling Papers


Being extremely thin and lightweight, rolling papers are highly preferred for smoking tobacco, cannabis and other products. As a supplier of a wide range of rolling papers, Genie Smoke Shop caters to the smoking preferences of a diverse clientele base. Here’s what we offer:

Single wide - these are the smallest and come with tobacco pouches.

One and a quarter - these are medium-sized and are popular among smokers.

One and a half - these are suitable for those who prefer a larger roll.

Double wide - these are the tallest rolling papers that we have.

King size - these are ideal when you’re sharing a roll with friends.

Rolls - these are more than 15 feet long.

Drug Testing Kits


Our drug testing kits from Check Rite are highly accurate and used by trusted doctors. The tests are easy to use and are of high quality. We offer Check Rite tests with a single panel, three panels and even four panels. By using our self-testing kits, you can be aware and cautious of your THC consumption.

Our Brands


Our accessories are of the following brands:



And more!


Need a Specific Kind of Rolling Paper?

We can help you out.

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