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Exclusive Dab Rigs in Calgary Downtown


Dab rigs are smoking pipes that are used to smoke various legal herbs, concentrates and oils for medicinal purposes. Genie Smoke Shop is your ultimate supplier of high-quality dab rigs in Calgary Downtown. We offer dab rigs in various shapes, colours and sizes. Our collection includes all types of silicon and glass dab rigs with excellent craftsmanship and high durability. Along with dab rigs, Genie Smoke Shop has a wide range of dabbing tools like torch lighters, nails, carb caps, etc.


If you are looking for a head shop that you can trust, visit or call Genie Smoke Shop today. We ensure all our products are reasonably priced and of the highest quality.

Dab Rigs


Dab rigs are made predominantly of glass and silicone but can also be crafted from different materials. A dab rig is actually a traditional water pipe or a bong connected to a nail or a pan. The nails are made of titanium, glass, ceramic or quartz, which are then heated to vaporize the legal concentrate. By making use of a dabbing tool, the concentrate can then be dabbed. The user inhales the vapour generated through the mouth of the dab rig.

Dabbing Tools


Genie Smoke Shop offers various dabbing tools like nails, dabber sticks, carb caps and torch lighters in multiple shapes, sizes and styles. Depending on your preference and the dosage of the concentrate, we can recommend dabbing tools that will be ideal for you. 

Other Products


At Genie Smoke Shop, we also carry other dabbing accessories like bangers and cleaning supplies. Bangers are types of dab nails that are instrumental in heating the concentrate, so it turns to vapour. Our cleaning products will help keep the dabbing surface clean. This will ensure you get a dab that is full of flavour every single time. Along with bangers and cleaning materials, we offer high-quality torches and butane to elevate your dabbing experience.

Our Brands


We have the following brands available with us:


And more!

Call us or visit our shop to get premium dab rigs at the best price in Calgary.


Premium Dabbing Products

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