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Top Quality E-cigarettes and Vapes in Calgary


We are all aware of the hazardous, life-altering consequences that smoking tobacco has. E-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) have made it big in the market due to their rising demand by people who want to quit cigarettes but want the relaxing benefits of smoking without tobacco. Whether you are looking for e-pipe, e-cigar, vape mod or e-cigarettes in Calgary Downtown, Genie Smoke Shop has it all. We welcome you to visit us and explore our range of premium e-cigarettes and vapes. The quality of our products and our standard pricing will leave you satisfied.


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An e-cigarette is a method that mimics the way a conventional cigarette works. It can emit puffs of nicotine-containing vaporized liquids. Compared to the typical cigarette smoke, this is a healthier alternative. E-cigarettes come in different designs and sizes, but you'll generally see them in the form of tubes and pipes. There are three key components of an e-cig: the inhaler, the atomizer, and the battery. These components can be assembled and disassembled at will so that, if you like, you can move stuff around and update some parts.



A vape is any product that is used to vaporize dry herbs or a liquid solution with active ingredients. Cannabis, tobacco, or vaporizer oil/liquid are popular items used. All formats that vaporizers come in include electronic pipes, e-cigars, e-cigs and cigalikes, vape pens, vape mods, disposable vaporizers and package mods. Along with vaping devices, Genie Smoke Shop also offers vapes for dry herb, concentrates, shatter and oil.

Disposable Vaporizers


Disposable vaporizers are meant for one-time use. They are easy to carry and offer a smooth vaping experience on the go. Disposable vape pens feature a vape juice chamber, which is attached to an atomizer and a non-rechargeable battery. At Genie Smoke Shop, we have quality disposable vaporizers by brands like Carrie in a wide variety of flavours at the best prices!

Our Brands


We have the following brands available with us:


High-Quality E-cigarettes in Calgary

Our products are competitively priced and durable.

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